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Abdoulaye Ndiaye Interview on a New Jersey radio station
Welcome to ABDOULAYE NDIAYE web site
ImageAbout Ablaye NDIAYE : Abdoulaye Ndiaye, a son of Oumar "Baraud" Ndiaye foundator of the "Orchestra BAOBAB" the wellknown african salsa band.
Extracts of Ndiouga Adrien Benga's study : "Urban music from 1950s to the 1990s in the Senegal " : The carreer of Oumar Ndiaye, nicknamed Baraud leader of the international music band "Les demenageurs" (founded in 1951) is a case in point. This talented saxophonist, who was born in 1927 and died in 2001, started with jazz music in 1942 inspired by US servicemen who were then stationned in Dakar after french West Africa had joined the Allied forces. Baraud's first performance were replays of famous classics like Now's the Time, Parker's mood, On the Moon.

Video : Abdoulaye Ndiaye playing sax

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Audio : Abdoulaye Ndiaye radio interview talking about "Dakar by Night" (In wolof) more ...


Abdoulaye NDIAYE

abdoulaye4.jpgAbout” Dakar By Night” … Abdoulaye Ndiaye has been paying close attention to the music scene in his native Dakar. His latest project incorporates his soprano and tenor sax and bass clarinet in an electric setting with percussion,tabla drum and horns. On "Dakar By Night", released in January 2007, Ndiaye plays his original tunes, and works of Senegalese singers Viviane Ndour and Youssou Ndour to produce a contemporary, lyrical, uplifting jazz recording.

In his early years in Dakar Senegal, young Abdoulaye Ndiaye started learning the saxophone by stealing his dad’s alto saxophone and blowing into it. A few years later at age 14 he started taking lessons from his father, then as a teen ,joined the conservatoire and began formal musical study with eastern Europeans teachers.

Few years later, Abdoulaye met legendary jazz teacher Sam Sanders at the conservatoire in dakar and started jazz improvisation class. After graduating from the conservatoire, he began to play with local bands and record with local artists like Pape Dieng Souleyman, Faye Abl Aye Mbaye, Harmattan Pape Djiby ba, Mike Gomis and others.


Abdoulaye Ndiaye
Dakar by night
DAKAR BY NIGHT - Abdoulaye NDiaye goes urban with his jazz uptake on the sounds of today's Dakar. Strident saxophone, pulsing rhythms, and enchanting melodies are all part of this contemporary jazz recording.

1 - Waatna (author : viviane Ndour )

2 - Mbeegeel (author : viviane Ndour )

3 - Innocent walk  (authors : T. Camara/Abdoulaye ndiaye)

4 - Dakar by night (Abdoulaye ndiaye)

5 - Sakharsi  (author : viviane Ndour )

6 - Kagne La Ley Guisse (author : viviane Ndour )

7 - Without A Smile (The Same) (author : Youssou Ndour )


abdoulaye_ndiaye_taoue.jpgTo the extent senegal has a jazz tradition; it's all mixed up. And thats basicaly a good thing senegalese saxophoniste abdoulaye ndiaye is equally at home playing with a kora or piano, something he demonstrates over and over again on Taoue. He aims here to integrate his instrument within two contexts. The american jazz quartet , and the west african jazz ensemble. Ndiaye Abdoulaye debut has an interesting split personality his lyrical soprano voice runs a long a coursing stream bubbling up now then but always moving forward punching out tight units. Manga dansety knotted strikingly virtuostic kora solo. The straight ahead piece on taoue are solid; but senegalese tune are downright brilliant that make sense really given the who and what involved

~ nils jacobson


L’Afrique Garde:

abdoulaye2.jpgL’Afrique Garde :  a trio that uses the songs and melodies of their African ancestors from the continent of Africa, and the America’s, using traditional chants, spirituals and folk melody as a muse to launch into improvisations that explore a new musical language. 

With a 2004 winter release of the groups first CD entitled “Egun”, this live at CBGB’S Gallery in the summer of 2003 is a tour de force of musicianship that immediately pulls you into the sonic narrative of their journey.  Melding melodies and rhythms of West and South East Africa with the Jazz idioms of the America’s along with the freeness of the advant garde, this trio has a distinctive blend.

Nioka Workman (Electric Cello), Michael Wimberly (Vocals, Djimbe, Udu Drum set & percussion) along with Senegalese multi-reed saxophonist Abdoulaye Papa N’Diaye, have unique diverse backgrounds that seem to be the hallmark of a twenty first century musician.  This implies that musicians in the 21st century tend to be adept at many musical styles perhaps more diverse that of their musical predecessors of the first half of the 20th century.

abdoulaye ndiaye: taoue


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